Credentials Management

Master Password and Administrator Account

When starting SMARTUNIFIER for the first time you will be asked to enter a master password. The master password is needed in order to store credentials securely inside a KeyStore (”unifier.jceks”) file located on the user’s local machine.

  • Enter your master password in the console and re-enter it (1). If the passwords do not match, simply close the console, execute the UnifierManager.bat and enter the passwords again.

Master Password Set Up


If the master password is lost it cannot be recovered!

  • Enter the name for the administrator user account and the password (2).

Administrator Account Set Up
  • Open an Internet Browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome or Firefox) and navigating to http://localhost:9000 and login using the administrator account just created.


You can add more users using the SMARTUNIFIER Manager UI.

Setting default credentials

You can define default credentials to avoid to re-enter the master password on startup.

  1. Go to the SmartUnifierManager folder

  2. Open the file UnifierManager.bat for a Windows installation ( for a installation on Linux/macOS)

  3. Add the following line:

    set JAVA_OPTS=-Dunifier.administrator.credentials.file="%~dp0/conf/"
  4. Make sure that the file exists in the SmartUnifierManager/conf folder file content
    # Keystore password
    # Default Administrator account credentials