Communication Instances

What are Instances

A SMARTUNIFIER Instance is a dynamically created application that can be deployed to any suitable IT resource (e.g., Equipment PC, Server, Cloud), and which provides the connectivity functionality configured. Therefore, a SMARTUNIFIER Instance uses one or multiple Mappings and selected Communication Channels from a previously defined Device Type.

How to create a new Instance

Follow the steps described below to create a SMARTUNIFIER Instance.

  • Select the SMARTUNIFIER Instances Perspective (1).

  • Click on the “Add Instance” button from the upper right corner (2).

  • Select a Device Type from the Drop-Down (3)

  • The details for the Instance are automatically taken from the Device Type (4). However, Group, Name, Version and the Description can still be changed.

  • The Mapping defined in the Device Type show up in the Mapping area (5).

  • To change the existing configuration or if no configuration has been made yet, click the “Configure” button (6)

  • Expand the Advanced Settings option (7) to select the framework version (8) for the Communication Channels. Allows backwards compatibility for Communication Instances created with previous versions of SMARTUNIFIER.

Advanced Settings Add New Instance Mappings
  • Save the SMARTUNIFIER Instance by clicking the “Save” button (9)

  • In order to deploy, run and stop the Instance navigate to the Deployment perspective.