Instance Setup

A SMARTUNIFIER Instance is a dynamically created application that can be deployed to any suitable IT resource (e.g., Equipment PC, Server, Cloud), and which provides the connectivity functionality configured. Therefore, a SMARTUNIFIER Instance uses one or multiple Mappings, selected Communication Channels and Information Models.

Information Models

Within the SMARTUNIFIER an Information Model describes the communication related data that is available for a device or IT system. One device or one IT system therefore is represented by one Information Model.

The Information Model perspective lists the information models currently configured within the SMARTUNIFIER Manager:

  1. RestData

  2. InfluxDb

Information Models
  1. RestData

The RestData Information Model represents the Rest Server structure. It’s structure is simple, containing two parameters, as seen below.

RestData Information Model
  1. InfluxDb

The InfluxDb Information Model stores data from the Rest Server. The data provided by the Rest Server is stored using the SMARTUNIFIER in the Influx database and the overall process can be viewed on the Grafana dashboard. As seen below, the Model data structure matches the source data structure (Rest Server).

InfluxDb Information Model


The Mapping represents the SMARTUNIFIER component that defines when and how to exchange/transform data between two or multiple Information Models. In other words, it is acting as a translator between the different Information Models.

One Mapping consists of one or multiple Rules. A Rule contains a Trigger, which defines when the exchange/transformation takes place, and a list of actions that are defining how the exchange/transformation is done.

The Mapping perspective lists the currently configured Mapping within the SMARTUNIFIER Manager:

  • RestToInflux


This Mapping defines when and how to process data from the Rest Server and store it on the InfluxDb.

RestToInflux Mapping

The trigger to send data is represented by new values for the Rest Server parameters: pressure and temperature (1). The Mapping is done one on one, the source (Rest Server) parameters (2) to the destination (Influx Db) parameters (3).