Run the Instance

The communication between the Rest Server and the Influx DB is facilitated by two SMARTUNIFIER Instances.

First add each Instance to a local deployment:

  • Open “Deployments” section (1).

  • Click on the “Add” button (2).

  • Select the “Local” option (3).

Add the Instance to a Deployment
  • Select the “Instance” from the dropdown (4).

  • Select “Info” from the “Log File Configuration” dropdown (5).

  • Check the box for “Enable Encryption” (6) to have all the credentials encrypted in the configuration files.

Instance Deployment Selection
  • Click the “Save and Close” button (7).

The first Instance is added, follow the steps above to add the second Instance.

Instances Deployment Added

Then run each Instance:

  • Open the “Deployments” section (1).

  • Click the “Deploy” button (2) for each Instance.

Deploy the Instance
  • Click the “Start” button (3) to run each Instance.

Starting the Instance
  • The Instances are running (4).

Instance Started

To stop an Instance click on the “Stop” button (5) as seen below.

Instance Stop