SMARTUNIFIER represents a powerful but very easy to use integration platform for interconnecting all industrial devices and IT systems including equipment, peripheral devices, sensors/actors, MES, ERP as well as cloud-based IT systems.

SMARTUNIFIER is the tool of choice for transforming data into real value and for providing seamless IT interconnectivity within production facilities.

SmartUnifier Architecture


  • SMARTUNIFIER provides an easy way to collect data from any Data Source and is able to transmit this data to any Data Target.

  • Data Sources and Data Targets (commonly referred to as Communication Partners) in this respect may be any piece of equipment, device or IT system, communicating typically via cable or Wi-Fi and using a specific protocol like e.g., OPC-UA, file-based, database, message bus.

  • With SMARTUNIFIER several Communication Partners can be connected simultaneously.

  • With SMARTUNIFIER it is possible to communicate unidirectional or bidirectional to each Communication Partner. I.e., messages and events can be sent and received at the same time.

  • SMARTUNIFIER is able to translate and transform data to any format and protocol that is required by a certain Data Target. This includes different pre-configured protocols and formats, e.g., OPC-UA, file-based, database, message bus, Webservices and many direct PLC connections. In case a certain protocol or format is currently not available it can be easily added to SMARTUNIFIER.

  • By applying so called Information Models, SMARTUNIFIER enables the same view to data regardless of the protocol or format being used to physically connect an equipment, device or IT system.

  • A big advantage of SMARTUNIFIER is, that in many cases there is no need for coding when providing connectivity between different Communication Partners. SMARTUNIFIER Mappings enable users to assign data sources to data targets via drag and drop.