SMARTUNIFIER High Availability Demo Guide


About SMARTUNIFIER High Availability Demonstrator

Installation Overview

Installing SMARTUNIFIER on a host is the first step in realizing your connectivity scenario.

  1. See the system requirements prior to the installation.

  2. Amorph Systems supports using SMARTUNIFIER on the following operating systems:

Instance Deployment

In order to run the High Availability Demonstrator you need to Deploy and Start the instances.

Visualization Tool

The High Availability Demonstrator visualization tool is Grafana application that has a built-in dashboard displaying the key parameters sent by the Rest Server.

Start the Simulation Scenario

The simulation scenario flow:

  1. Input Data - generate random input values.

  2. Showcasing High Availability - stop one of the Instances and the other one will provide the seamless connectivity.

Behind the Scenes

See the SMARTUNIFIER configuration components Information Models and the Mapping that are used in this demonstrator.