Step 1 - Install SMARTUNIFIER and Docker Components:

  • Move the installation package to a suitable location. Make sure the path to the directory does not include any white spaces!

  • Extract the .tar.gz-archive.

tar -xvzf SMARTUNIFIER-Manager-linux-x64.tar.gz
  • To change the deploy file properties and to convert it’s format to Unix, open the terminal from the scripts folder (install_location/SMARTUNIFIER-HighAvailability/scripts) and execute the following commands:

chmod 775
dos2unix *.sh
  • To deploy the Docker components execute the following commands (terminal opened from the scripts folder):

bash demonstrator

Step 2 - Running SMARTUNIFIER:

  • Start the SMARTUNIFIER Manager by executing in a terminal the following commands:

chmod +x
  • After successfully starting the SMARTUNIFIER Manager, it can be accessed by opening an Internet Browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox) and navigating to http://localhost:9000. Use the administrator credentials to login:

  • Username: admin

  • Password: admin


The console is for information purposes only. It can be moved to any suitable location on your screen or it can be hidden. Nevertheless, do not close it, because the related processes will also be terminated.