What is SMARTUNIFIER High Availability Demonstrator

SMARTUNIFIER High Availability Demonstrator is a package that allows users to simulate the connection between a production equipment and an Influx DB, using two Instances with a load balancer.

This illustrates that SMARTUNIFIER is capable to run in a high availability mode, becoming the tool of choice for critical use cases. The package contains all the necessary tools to run a complete communication scenario out of the box.

Benefits of SMARTUNIFIER High Availability Mode

  • Downtime reduction

  • Performance improvements

  • Instance update without downtime


The Demonstrator package contains the following components:

  • SMARTUNIFIER Manager – a modern web application to create SMARTUNIFIER Instances that enable the communication between the Rest Server and the Influx DB.

  • Influx Database - a Docker image containing the Influx Database where the data coming in from the Rest Server will be stored and used to build visualizations.

  • Grafana - a Docker image containing a preconfigured Grafana application that has a built-in dashboard displaying the key parameters sent by the Rest Server.

  • Nginx - a Docker image representing the load balancer for the two SMARTUNIFIER Instances.

  • Send_Data Script - a script that generates random values for two parameters: PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE.

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow

Demonstrator Artefacts Structure

The following table shows the SMARTUNIFIER artefacts that are used to create this demo:




Information Models


Stores data from the Rest Server on InfluxDb


Represents the Rest Server structure

Communication Channels


Is used to transmit data from the Rest Server to InfluxDb


Represent the Rest Server communication protocol



Defines when and how to extract data from the Rest Server and store it on the InfluxDb

Device Types


Represents the template for the SMARTUNIFIER Instance



Represents the configuration for the runnable application


Simulation Process Flow Diagram

Simulation Process Flow Diagram

SMARTUNIFIER Instance Process Flow Diagram

Instance Process Flow Diagram