What has changed in 1.2.0ΒΆ


Breaking Change: This release contains a major update of the SMARTUNIFIER Framework. Instances configured in an older release will not work with this version. Please contact Amorph Systems for guidance on how to migrate SMARTUNIFIER Instances from previous releases.


  • Improved architecture performance and stability by updating the framework to Scala version 2.13 and Java version 11.

  • Communication Channels: Improved configuration of Communication Channels by enhancing the internal process of how the configuration forms are generated.

  • Manager UI: Introduced new icons for several menu entries (Information Model, Mappings, Device Type, Instance, Deployment, Deploy and Undeploy) to improve usability.


  • Manager UI: Fixed small UI styling issues.

  • Communication Channel - IsoOnTCPClient: Fixed configuration issue.

  • Mapping: Added check to make sure that the Rule name is valid.