Device Types

What are Device Types

With SMARTUNIFIER Device Types it is possible to have multiple Communication Instances, which share common configuration parameters. A Device Type contains one or multiple Mappings. Each Mapping contains one or multiple Information Models and its associated Communication Channel. Within a SMARTUNIFIER Device Type it is possible to over-write existing Communication Channel configurations. Device Types are especially important, when integrating several similar pieces of equipment or devices. In this case, the Device Type can be reused for all Instances (i.e., one instance represents one equipment).

How to create a new Device Type

Follow the steps described below to create a SMARTUNIFIER Device Type.

  • Select the SMARTUNIFIER Device Type Perspective (1).

  • Click on the “Add Device Type” button from the upper right corner (2).

  • The creation of a Device Type is split up into two parts. First provide the basic information about the Device Type like the Group, the Name, and the Version. Optionally, provide a short description (3).

  • In the next step provide one or multiple Mappings previously created. To do so click the “Add Mapping” button (4). After selecting a Mapping (5) the associated Information Models show up. In case the wrong Mapping was selected click the “Delete Mapping” button to remove the Mapping from the Device Type (6). Now select a Communication Channel for each Information Model from the Drop-Down (7).

  • Similar to the Communication Channel view it is possible to change the configuration of the Channel within the Device Type view. In case of changes in the configuration click the “Configure” button (8). This action over-writes previous configurations.

  • The new Device Type can be saved by clicking the “Save” button at the top right corner (9).