What are Instances

A SMARTUNIFIER Instance is a dynamically created application that can be deployed to any suitable IT resource (e.g., Equipment PC, Server, SMARTUNIFIERBox, Cloud), and which provides the connectivity functionality configured. Therefore, a SMARTUNIFIER Instance uses one or multiple Mappings and selected Communication Channels from a previously defined Device Type.

How to create a new Instance

Follow the steps described below to create a SMARTUNIFIER Instance.

  • Select the SMARTUNIFIER Instances Perspective (1).

  • Click on the “Add Instance” button from the upper right corner (2).

  • Select a Device Type from the Drop-Down (3)

  • The details for the Instance are automatically taken from the Device Type (4). However, Group, Name, Version and the Description can still be changed.

  • The Mapping defined in the Device Type show up in the Mapping area (5).

  • To change the existing configuration or if no configuration has been made yet, click the “Configure” button (6)

  • Save the SMARTUNIFIER Instance by clicking the “Save”(7)

  • In order to deploy, run and stop the Instance navigate to the Deployment perspective.