How to deploy, run and operate a deployed Instance

How to deploy an Instance

  • In order to start the Instance, click first the “Deploy” button (1). A message is shown, that confirms the successful deployment of the Instance.


How to run an Instance

  • After successfully deploying the Instance, the state changes from NotDeployed to Stopped. You can now click the enabled “Start” button (2). The Instance state will change to Started. A message is shown, that confirms the successful start of the Instance.


How to stop an Instance

  • To stop the Instance, click the “Stop” button (3).


How to delete a Deployment of an Instance

  • Click on the “Delete” button to delete the Deployment for a specific Instance (4). This is only possible if the Instance is in the state Stopped.

  • Click on the “Edit” button to perform changes to the Deployment (5). It is only possible to edit a Deployment if the Instance is not yet deployed. In the case the Instance is already deployed, only the details of the Deployment can be viewed.


How to un-deploy an Instance

  • In order to un-deploy an Instance, make sure that the Instance is not running. If necessary stop the Instance.

  • Go to the edit Deployment view by clicking the “Edit” button.

  • Click the “Remove Deployment” button in the upper right corner (6).

  • The Instance state changes to NotDeployed and the Deployment can be edited. Please note that the Instance associated with the Deployment cannot be changed.